Should Senior Citizens Even Enroll in a Tarzana Weight Loss Program?

In most senior individuals, weight gain is a fact of life that started soon after middle age hit them. Beer bellies and flabby waists became more pronounced while the numbers on the bathroom weighing scale also slowly crept up slowly but inexorably. As a result, many senior individuals will consider enrollment in a Tarzana weight loss program under the guidance of a personal trainer. But is this safe?

The definite answer is an unequivocal yes! Reasons as to such an answer abounds including but not limited to the following:

  • Weight loss is recommended by doctors for certain senior individuals with high risks for developing chronic degenerative diseases or who are already dealing with these health issues including strokes, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Excess weight on the body means more work for the systems to continue their normal functions, thus, the recommendation.
  • A Tarzana weight loss program incorporates an exercise component. Keep in mind that exercise itself has many benefits including improved mood levels, cognitive functions and physical fitness. While you are losing weight, you are also providing your psyche the opportunity to lose its baggage, in a manner of speaking.
  • A proper diet is also part of the weight loss program. Senior individuals have different needs in the quality and quantity of their food consumed on a daily basis, which a personal trainer can provide expert advice on. The personal trainer should ideally coordinate with the doctor to ensure that the diet plan is the right one for the client’s physical condition vis-à-vis fitness goals.

In short, the personal trainer in the Tarzana weight loss will formulate a personalized diet and exercise program for each client’s needs, goals and preferences. There is then higher likelihood that the desired weight loss results will be achieved.

The next question then is: Exactly what kind of exercise and diet recommendations will the personal trainer make? Keep in mind that each individual has unique needs that will be taken into consideration but the following are the general recommendations:

  • Five days a week cardio activity for a minimum of 30 minutes a day split into comfortable time periods, say, three 10-minute sessions. Cardio exercises are essential in the Tarzana weight loss program for purposes of burning the fat and the calories. Running, walking and rowing with the use of gym equipment like treadmill or rower are good examples of these cardio exercises with the most obvious benefit being higher levels of stamina.
  • Two days a week are devoted to resistance training in order to increase muscle mass and improve core muscles, both of which will help in making daily activities easier on the bones and body.
  • The diet is still similar to younger people with a few differences to account for the underlying medical conditions in senior individuals. The emphasis is still on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fishes, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, nuts and seeds. Water and fiber are very important parts of the diet as well.

Of course, you can do these diet and exercise combination at home on your own but you are also unnecessarily facing higher risks for injuries and illnesses. Why expose yourself to these risks when you have the benefit of the expertise of the personal trainer in a Tarzana weight loss program?

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