Tarzana Personal Trainer to the Teens’ Rescue

The teenage years are often characterized by a know-it-all attitude that can lead to serious consequences when applied to losing weight and building muscle. This is borne of the numerous mistakes that teenagers make in these activities, thus, underlining the critical importance for parents to provide a Tarzana personal trainer to their teens. Keep in mind that weight loss and bodybuilding done in an unhealthy way can be harmful to the teens’ still-developing body.

Here then are the mistakes that teenagers can make and personal trainers can prevent, if and when the latter professionals are hired to assist the former. The topic about the steps to hire a reputable personal trainer is discussed in another article.

The first mistake is the lack of training structure when teens start to undergo weight loss and then bodybuilding activities. Teens will come into the gym with no clear goal about the muscle group to be worked on, how the goal will be achieved and why it has to be achieved. The result is an imbalance in the way that the body develops, say, the arms are well-developed but the core muscles are flabby. This is where the Tarzana personal trainer comes in.

The personal trainer will design a training program that will result in a balanced physique. Days will be assigned to concentrate on certain parts of the body while cardio training exercises are also inserted to facilitate calories burning.

The lack of structure also results in the lack of proper form and technique when performing the exercises. There are many dangers encountered with such occurrence not least of which is the higher risks for injuries and illnesses. Just imagine this scenario: Your teenage son is lifting weights any which way and the next thing that happens is a trip to the hospital for surgery on a torn ligament or muscle, maybe even a fractured bone.

Again, this is where the Tarzana personal trainer comes to the rescue. Your teenager will be guided every step of the way on the proper form and technique for doing cardiovascular and strength training exercises. The risks for injuries like torn tendons, sprained bones and pulled muscles are then significantly lessened, thus, lessening your medical expenses and emotional worry.

But is it not only the training that lacks structure since the diet also suffers. We cannot overemphasize the critical importance of good nutrition while trying to lose weight or build muscles. The body requires the right kind of nutrients in the right amount at the right time to nourish its cells, tissues and bones when it is undergoing significant changes.

Without the expert guidance of the Tarzana personal trainer, a teenager is more likely to eat in the wrong way. It may be adopting a starvation diet, a low-protein diet or any of the other fad diets that have no proven scientific basis. Protein shakes, weight loss pills and other suspicious supplements are also taken in a bid to achieve the goal of faster weight loss or muscle gain, which is dangerous in itself.

All of these highly harmful practices can be avoided with the guidance of the Tarzana personal trainer. The teenager will then be able to achieve his goals for working out in a safe, effective and healthy manner – truly, a sigh of relief is heard from his/her parents.

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