Know Your Manners in a Tarzana Gym Environment

Yes, nobody will begrudge you the right to sweat, grunt and groan while lifting the weights, running on the treadmill and doing other physical exercises in a Tarzana gym. But that does not necessarily mean that you can be rude to other people from the personal trainers to the other clients in the gym just because you want to take out your pain on other people or you want to bully them into submission with your large muscles.

Good manners and right conduct are still de rigueur inside gyms, too. This is for the simple reason that you want other users of the gym to respect your right to a safe workout, to relative privacy and to better health.

With that being said, here are a few of the most important of the good manners inside a Tarzana gym that even your personal trainer follows.

  • Share – The gym equipment is considered communal property and, thus, require sharing among the members. Instead of just sitting on the bench while waiting for your rest period to end, you should get up and let another gym member use the dumbbells or the barbells. You will want him to do the same for you when the time comes.
  • Clean Up – If you find it rude that other people do not wipe their sweat off the bench, pick up their hairs on the shower drain and clean up their personal things in the locker room, then be careful not to do these transgressions yourself. Keep in mind that a Tarzana gym is a public place with plenty of personal pet peeves and privacy issues being set off so it is important to become a good example of a good gym goer.
  • Leave Empty – Each gym goer has his own capabilities in terms of the quantity of weights that he can lift. Thus, after you have finished using the strength training equipment and machines, you must always leave them empty of the weights so that the next user can place his desired weights instead of unloading the ones that you used beforehand. You want others to do the same as well when it is your turn to use the equipment.
  • Keep Time – The cardio exercises in a Tarzana gym often have time limits especially during peak hours and for good reasons, too. If the policy says that the treadmill can only be used for a maximum of 30 minutes on certain hours, just follow it. You will also appreciate the policy when it’s your turn on the treadmill.

Aside from the use of the equipment, machines and other facilities of the gym, you must also respect the need for peace and quiet. Work out your body, not your social skills, dating game and talk show host gab inside the gym with your friends either on face-to-face interactions or on the cell phone. And do wear the right workout attire with coverings in all the right places.

When you follow good manners and right conduct inside the Tarzana gym, you will love the benefits that it brings. You can concentrate on working out your body because other people are not breathing down your neck – or the neck of your personal trainer, for that matter – because of your bad manners.

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