How a Tarzana Boot Camp Measures Up to Military Boot Camp

When the topic of a Tarzana boot camp comes up in discussions about the ways to achieve physical fitness in the most effective way possible, many fears surface among individuals. These personal fears are usually borne of visions related to Hollywood movies dealing with the physical rigors and mental demands of military boot camp. The result is that many individuals will back out of the fitness boot camp and, sadly, miss out on its benefits.

But how true to reality are these fears? Let’s keep in mind that military boot camps have a different reason for their existence than fitness boot camps, which means that these fears are unfounded. Let’s take a look at these differences between, say, Fort Irwin and a Tarzana boot camp:

  • Admission Requirements – You have to pass certain stringent eligibility requirements with a military boot camp while a fitness camp is open for anybody who wants to get into shape from teenagers to senior citizens.
  • End Goals – Military training aims to make the individual fit for the extreme rigors of combat duty and other military obligations. Take note that survival in the battlefield is the main goal and, thus, the physical and mental exercises are on the extreme end of the spectrum. Fitness training regimens in a boot camp is so much more merciful in the sense that the personal trainer is helping the clients live a healthier and longer life through proper diet and exercise, not defend their lives against aggression on the battlefield.
  • Training Program – In the Tarzana boot camp, the personal trainer will formulate a training program according to the general and personal needs of the clients. For example, teenagers will have a different diet-and-exercise plan than the seniors in the fitness camp while each individual will also be assessed for his special needs and goals. In short, personalization is key in a fitness camp, which is in stark contrast with the highly standardized training program for military boot camps. Either you keep up or drop out of the program where the military is concerned.
  • Personal Motivation – And then there’s the issue of motivation provided in both camps. While a Tarzana boot camp will have personal trainers to encourage their clients toward the achievement of their goals, a military boot camp will have drill sergeants who will do everything in their power to break down your spirit.

Of course, there will be similarities between the two boot camps. For one thing, many of the exercises are similar from the cardiovascular to the strength training programs. You will be required to lift weights and undergo cardio activities for weight loss and muscle building purposes.

For another thing, you will also be required to follow a strict regimen while still in the boot camp. Waking up early, eating the healthy food set in on the table and going to bed early, among others, are all part of the life inside the booth camps with the obvious goal of complementing the exercise component.

Indeed, if you have fears of the Tarzana boot camp because of the way Hollywood movies portray military boot camps, just remember the above difference and know that you have nothing to be afraid of. Instead, you should look forward to the benefits of being in a fitness boot camp – a leaner, meaner and healthier mind and body.

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